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The largest independent, experienced provider of Squiz Matrix


Ladoo is the largest independent, experienced Australian provider of Squiz Matrix (formerly MySource Matrix) web development services. We look forward to talking to you about your next web project.

What we do

We specialise in building websites that use the powerful, flexible and open source Squiz Matrix content management system (CMS).

We use built-in Squiz Matrix tools and asset types, with clever customisation. And our team of experts also has enough smarts to steer clear of modifying the core code; keeping future upgrades trouble free.

Our expertise in Squiz Matrix CMS includes creative, hands-on solutions for design, asset map structure, search optimisation and 'best practice' smart and reusable configurations. And we can integrate your Squiz Matrix website with existing systems and database, creating a great user experience for your site's visitors, whether your site is internal or external, desktop or mobile, or any combination.

What makes Ladoo different?

Project Management on time and budget

Project management – on time and on budget

Our project management approach is based on tried and tested methodologies with communication and reporting that will immediately give you confidence that your project will stay on track. Whether it's a showcase website with super-quick turnaround in time for a ministerial launch, or a highly complex multi-site project, we apply the same rigour and effective project management to everything we do. You'll be refreshed by our transparency, application and accountability as you watch your web project come to life.

Getting the job done together

Getting the job done together

We know how important it is to understand your goals, and how your organisation works. We collaborate with you and commit to providing the best possible advice about how your website can evolve and help lead your business. With our combined decades of experience and specialist skills we can present options for cost-effective, fit for purpose web solutions; we may even be able to show you how to do more with less. This long-term thinking is just one of the reasons our clients keep coming back.

Promote and support self-sustainability

Sustainable websites - old school usefulness

Don't be fooled by our youthful energy. At Ladoo, we also appreciate the concept of longevity when it comes to websites. We develop Squiz Matrix websites using out-of-the-box functionality as much as possible, so your website is future proof. Our approach to integration addresses the unique requirements of your wider enterprise, with tomorrow in mind. Ladoo's expert web developers and designers will build your web solution to be flexible and scalable so it can grow with your needs.



Breaking down the barriers

We understand how important communication is. After all, we're in this together. And that's where LadooHQ comes in. We know how crammed an email inbox can get. And like you, we've experienced the frustration of having to jump from project plan to requirements document and back to email when you're working on a web project.

LadooHQ provides a single secure site - you can log in from anywhere - with access to all your web project information. Questions, reports, a list of deliverables - with status - and more. LadooHQ is a window into the project and beyond.

Hosted securely here in Australia LadooHQ is our secret to project transparency and seamless collaboration. Shhh!

Who we work with

Our clients consider Ladoo an extension of their team

Our clients extend from universities, across government and into the world of commerce. We work closely with our clients to understand their organisations. Out of this commitment, long lasting relationships develop and we're gaining a reputation as a reliable web services partner across all the sectors we've worked in.

Our proven experience with a wide range of government websites is reflected in our membership of a number of government service provider panels. Membership on these panels means that we're recognised as a provider of specialised information, web development and communications technology and expertise. We've been able to demonstrate our ability to deliver to stringent standards and strict guidelines. And our membership of these panels means we're able to work with many different government departments – with minimal paperwork and fuss.

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The start of something special?

It's the start of something special

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