Financial products you can bank on

Showcasing products using tailored content and quick comparisons

Showcasing products using tailored content and quick comparisons

BankVic provides banking and financial services to Police, Health, Public Service and Emergency Services, as well as their families and friends. Members are able to access loans, credit cards, insurance and financial planning services as well as savings and cheque accounts.

Applied capabilities

  • Web Strategy
  • Web Analytics
  • Technical Consultancy
  • User Experience
  • Customer Service Design
  • Design
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Website Development & Design
  • Systems Integration
  • Content Migration
  • Training
  • Squiz Matrix Implementation

The wish list

BankVic wanted a complete change of content management system (CMS) for a mobile and desktop website. And their web content team needed to be able to update the site, add new pages - or even sections - with no specialist technical knowledge.

With a rebranding project in the works, a new look and feel needed to be developed while the logo was still being finalised, presenting an interesting challenge for the Ladoo design team.

Content was product-focused and the website had to include automated comparison tables for financial products such as loans so that users could remove items, refresh the table or click directly on a link to apply for a preferred option.

And as an absolute must, the security on the site had to be so tight that it could not be breached by a third party that BankVic would hire specifically to test for weaknesses.

In addition to a brand new website with easy-to-edit content pages, BankVic wanted:

Interest rate

Interest rate updates that would be made in one place, the published across the whole site with the click of a button

Australian hosted

Secure Ladoo hosting on Australian servers with maximum redundancy and availability

Social media sharing

Integration with social media (including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)

Custom print styles

Custom print styles interest rate tables

Mobile site

Dedicated mobile site

Integration with 3rd party apps

Embedded integration with third party banking and financial tools

SEO searching

Search engine optimisation (SEO) to maximise discoverability - particularly with a name change and a new web address

Interactive wizards

Interactive wizards designed to assist users find appropriate products

Making it happen

The client provided functional specifications with information architecture and wire frames already approved. Our development team took the time to plan how to create a site with a strong product focus, easily updatable by the web content team. Solid planning was a critical component of the success of this project.

Ladoo's design team worked closely with the client to develop a shared language around their needs, with detailed workshops and the presentation of multiple options. Facilitated by LadooHQ, our client-focussed collaboration portal, the design journey became rewarding and productive for Ladoo and BankVic team members.

With clever coding and cache management - using out of the box Squiz Matrix functionality - Ladoo was able to meet the crucial requirement of seamless interest rate updates. The BankVic content team only needs to update a single asset and click a button to have the new rate published across the website.

BankVic on an iPhone

The results

The new BankVic website had a smooth go-live, passing rigorous security tests with flying colours and proving that we could successfully prevent, detect and block attacks on a site hosted on the LadooHosting platform.

The Ladoo implementation of Squiz Matrix was built with the content team in mind, enabling easy updates with a modular approach that lets content authors choose from a number of pre-defined content elements such as side widgets, accordion content, tabbed content and tables. To get the BankVic content team started, we provided detailed procedure guides and customised training.

Go-live was complicated by the name and logo changes but we were able to help BankVic navigate the transition smoothly. Our SEO specialists implemented a technical SEO strategy that would complement BankVic's content optimisation. We also implemented 301 redirects and submitted the new site to Google to ensure the website's rankings remained high.

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