Calculating the benefits of telework

Bringing home the benefits of a new way to work

From complex spreadsheets to calculators - clever use of standard Squiz Matrix

The Department of Broadband, Communication and the Digital Economy (DBCDE) wanted to develop a range of complex calculators to better communicate the benefits of telework.

Telework is a way of working away from a centralised office. Employees work from their own homes, but are connected to the office through the Internet and telephone. These types of flexible work practices are constantly evolving as technology makes it easier for us to connect over distance. Employers keen to maximise the efficiencies of their workforce while providing a flexible, sustainable workplace are increasingly considering telework as an option. The telework website provides a way for employers and employees to quantify the benefits of teleworking, with simple and more complex calculators that assist with informed decision making.

Applied capabilities

  • Web Strategy
  • Web Analytics
  • Technical Consultancy
  • User Experience
  • Customer Service Design
  • Design
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Website Development & Design
  • Systems Integration
  • Content Migration
  • Training
  • Squiz Matrix Implementation

The wish list

The series of simple and complex telework calculators would translate travel and telework preferences into a dollar amount representing cost savings, reduction in carbon emissions and time savings. The Department supplied complex calculations to Ladoo in spreadsheet format. The spreadsheets included variables such as travel time, travel method, distance from the office, petrol and ticket costs and preferences for time spent teleworking or in the office.

From these spreadsheets, separate calculators needed to be provided for employers and employees. The algorithms behind the scenes had to be robust and reliable, and on the website front end the user experience needed to be smooth and logical, with a click flow that seamlessly guides the user through from initial data entry to a final snapshot of business and employee benefits.

In addition to the complex calculators the Department also required:

  • User experience and design of all forms and secure dashboard
  • Detailed custom reports
  • Integration with social media (including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Public user account management and authentication system
  • Ability to compare and review multiple data sets of information
  • Meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA level compliance
  • Code must meet requirements set out in the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Code Review Guide, the Information Security Manual (ISM), and the Department’s ICT Security Policy
Screenshot of Matrix aset map and Excel spreadsheet

Making it happen

The client provided the calculations in the form of a fully-functional multi-tab spreadsheet, featuring many complex, interacting calculations.

The Ladoo team rolled their sleeves up and began with a detailed analysis of the calculations, creating a functional specification and mapping the user path through both the simple and complex calculators.

Ladoo's role also included an end-to-end project management approach, greatly enhanced by LadooHQ - our easy to use collaborative portal that we use to communicate with clients, track project progress and work together during User Acceptance Testing to log, track and fix bugs.

The results

With clever design and the application of intuitive click-path logic, the Telework website and calculators were implemented in a short timeframe – to be ready for National Telework Week.

In line with Department requirements, the site is fully accessible and standards-compliant. Ladoo's approach included not only the detailed analysis but also an extended testing phase, during which we were able to test and in a few cases even suggest improvements to formulae provided by the client

Launch the site

  • Screenshot Telework 1
  • Screenshot Telework 2
  • Screenshot Telework 3
  • Screenshot Telework 4
Illustration of two mobile devices
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