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Study Melbourne website redevelopment

The DBI Study Melbourne website is the Victorian government's official source of information on post-secondary study-abroad options in Melbourne and Victoria.

The site acts as an official hub of information to assist prospective and new students from around the world to understand the study options available to them, as well as comprehensive information on how to apply for courses and how to find help, get around and enjoy life once they have arrived in Victoria and started their studies.

Applied capabilities

  • Web Strategy
  • Web Analytics
  • Technical Consultancy
  • User Experience
  • Customer Service Design
  • Design
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Website Development & Design
  • Systems Integration
  • Content Migration
  • Training
  • Squiz Matrix Implementation
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Jo Wellington
Web Manager
International Education

A big thanks for all the hard and dedicated work you provided for the International Education Unit at DSDBI for the studymelbourne website. The build went smoothly and as it turned out we required two launches, thanks for putting in the hard miles for those as well as answering all my queries and questions and your patience! It was great to work with a team who were always calm, professional and responsive.

The wish list

DBI needed to do a complete overhaul of their existing Study Melbourne website with a new multi-language site that would allow prospective students to connect using social media and read the site's comprehensive content on their mobile devices. In all, the site would be presented in ten languages, including English. Assets such as images needed to be shared as much as possible.

The new Study Melbourne site also needed to integrate seamlessly with a number of applications provided by external providers, including 'Find a course' and 'Journey planner'.

Based on feedback received during analysis of the existing website, DBI were also keen to feature video 'student stories', with overseas students sharing their experiences of study in 'the most liveable city'.

A guiding principle behind the site's design was an awareness by DBI that their extensive content needed to be 'bubbled up' to the top of the site, improving its discoverability. This was to be achieved with mega-menus and landing pages linking down into featured content, and content authors needed to be able to manually select which content was to be featured.

All this was to be achieved with standard Squiz Matrix functionality and implemented on an existing instance of Squiz Matrix on the DBI servers.

Study Melbourne wishlist – 10 Languages

10 Languages

Study Melbourne Wishlist – 10 Mobile Sites

10 Mobile Sites

Study Melbourne – 10 Websites

10 Websites

Study Melbourne – 3 Integrated Services

3 Integrated

Making it happen

The team at Ladoo took special care with the analysis phase of the project, as the complexity of this project needed the planning to be perfect. The languages to be included also presented unique challenges, such as right-to-left script in Arabic and the logographic languages of Chinese, Hindi, Korean and Japanese.

Using built-in Squiz Matrix functionality, our developers created individual sites for each language, which assisted with a staged implementation and meant that the content translation for individual languages could be managed in a modular way by the content authoring team at DBI. Clever use of metadata allowed mega-menus to be customised and modified manually, using images, links and all from a standard WYSIWYG interface.

Side widgets powered by modular metadata were used for video, application integration and other features, with a range of colour and behaviour customisations available to authors - again, via a WYSIWYG interface in the back end of the site.

Standard social media sharing and connecting links were embedded, using a development approach that allows for upgrades and easy re-skinning, keeping the site future-proof.

The results

A multi-language website with some specialist functionality such as mega-menus, featured landing page links to sub-pages and widgets that feature video, planning tools, Twitter and Facebook information.

We built a site that is optimised for engagement with potential students from all around the world, via social media 'sharing', 'like' and 'follow' buttons, linking the website to popular social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, which can also be customised by DBI staff as required (e.g. to add or change a social media channel).

The multiple language sites are provided as separate sites in the back end, and can be updated separately. Each language site operates with its own set of headers, footers, forms, widgets and menus. For the user, however, the multiple language sites appear as ten 'sections' of a larger Study Melbourne website, with a seamless integration of shared branding, and shared assets - equally available on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or any mobile device.

Launch the site

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Study Melbourne website on mobile devices
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