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Squiz Matrix

Whether you already manage a Squiz Matrix website, are completely new to the idea of content management systems (CMS) and open source or somewhere in between, Ladoo can help.

We've been advocates and users of Squiz Matrix open source CMS for a very long time. And in the hands of Ladoo designers and developers, Squiz Matrix is simply the best choice for enterprise web projects. No contest.

Content authoring

Simplified web authoring, editing and publishing

Squiz Matrix is a powerful tool in the hands of our designers and developers when they're creating a website for you, but we know that the ongoing management of the website is just as important. If you're implementing distributed authoring with workflow, the Easy Edit Suite makes content authoring a breeze for your subject matter experts, and quality assurance easy for your web editors.

You'll love Squiz Matrix because it's open source and gives you sophisticated functionality. Your authors will love Matrix because they can simply log in and update content with ease, using standard WYSIWYG interfaces and simple drag and drop.

Styles (CSS), specialist features (widgets, search etc.) and other bells and whistles are great for user experience. The icing on the cake for you is that the Squiz Matrix CMS empowers your authors to concentrate on what they do best - getting the content right.

Squiz Matrix Content Authoring

Enterprise CMS features

The all-in-one package - straight out of the box

Squiz Matrix provides the functionality for the simplest and most complex websites. It's all standard and can be used - or not - depending on what you need. Standard and commonly used functionality includes forms, event listings and news items.

Squiz Matrix makes it easy to engage more actively with your website's visitors. Functionality to contact, share, follow, like, vote or comment can easily be added to your website, as a part of a standard implementation. We specialise in websites that integrate seamlessly with enterprise systems to deliver a rich user experience.

Want to see some examples of Squiz Matrix sites developed by Ladoo?

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Squiz Matrix features:

  • WYSIWYG authoring
  • Events calendar
  • Workflow
  • Audit trails and activity logs
  • Support for multiple sites
  • Page templates
  • Version control
  • Image and document repositories
  • Dynamic personalised content
  • Accessibility compliance
  • Manage content
  • Web search and indexing
  • Thesaurus and metadata
  • Content re-use
  • Online forms and validation
  • Plus many more features...
Squiz Matrix asset map

Flexible and scalable

Empower your organisation

In a climate of tight budgets and ever-evolving requirements, it's critically important for your website to be flexible and scalable. Flexibility allows your website's functionality to meet your organisation's current business requirements - and every organisation is different. Scalability will allow your website to grow with you. A scalable website - built using Squiz Matrix - allows you to add and remove content, and even change your site's information architecture or design, without a massive outlay.

As your organisation changes - and change is inevitable, for any organisation - you'll need to know that your website can adapt. Squiz Matrix will evolve with you. You'll reap the benefits of a website that can be easily modified to suit the changing requirements of your organisation and your users.

Website viewing devices


Connect to your apps and services

Squiz Matrix is perfectly suited to sit at the heart of your web project

Using standard technologies such as application programming interfaces (APIs) Matrix can integrate elegantly with social media, with data repositories and with the applications and systems your organisation already uses for customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other business functions.

Choosing Squiz Matrix as your CMS gives you a website that's automatically future proof.

Squiz Matrix integration options:

  • Data sources
  • Bridges
    (LDAP, File system, CMIS)
  • Payment gateways
  • APIs
    (SOAP, REST, JavaScript and JSON)
  • Authentication
    Active Directory, LDAP, OAuth, SAML, Kerberos)
  • Remote Content
Squiz Matrix intergration map

Open source

Great return on investment

Squiz Matrix is an open source content management system so you don't need to pay licence fees.

Open source means the code is free, which is great for your bottom line. Even better, there's a strong community of Squiz Matrix users, advocates and developers, here and overseas, who love working with this powerful CMS, ensuring it stays robust and relevant.

The Squiz Matrix community keeps Matrix healthy, ensuring the platform is up to date with changes in browser and other functionality and industry standards. Matrix is very popular and widely used in government and commercial contexts. The strong community of users, experts and advocates make it a safe choice as your website CMS now and into the future. Some notable community contributions include:

Squiz Matrix community tools
Squiz Matrix free trial

Are you ready to see just what kind of Squiz Matrix website Ladoo can build for you?

We'd love to show you why Squiz Matrix is the best choice for your enterprise website. Talk to us about how to migrate to a new Squiz Matrix site, or update your existing implementation. In the hands of Ladoo's team of experts, the sky really is the limit.

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