Study Melbourne

Study Melbourne is a Victorian Government initiative providing support and information to this community of international students, helping them have the best possible time while studying and living in Victoria.

Improving UX and site longevity

Ladoo was initially brought in several years ago to resolve a range of user experience issues to do with the existing site. A rapid consultation and discovery phase lead to key update being made to the site home page, information architecture, landing pages and navigation systems which has ultimately provided longevity for the site.

Ongoing Enhancements

Since the initial update, theStudy Melbourne team has continued to engage with Ladoo for regular site updates, enhancements and new features.

Ladoo has provided consultation, ideation,design and development services for a series of micro-projects

These updates have included COVID related needs, campaign based initiatives as well as new site features such as a series of international hubs and the new student arrivals area.

Opportunities for overseas students

The Study Melbourne site offers a wide range of information for current and prospective international students including a comprehensive overview of study options and course finder.

The ongoing relationship between Study Melbourne and Ladoo has ensured that the site continues to evolve with business and user needs while not having to resort to a ground-up re-build.