Victorian Environmental Water Holder

Delivering an engaging website experience site that connects a diverse audience with timely information about water holdings and releases.

A window into Victoria's environmental water

The Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH) is an independent statutory body responsible for holding and managing Victoria's environmental water entitlements.

A key part of VEWH's role is to provide a diverse audience with timely information about water holdings and releases.

Engaging and dynamic

The organisation wanted to focus on making their digital presence more engaging through the use of dynamic content, imagery and a consistent look and feel.

Our approach ensured a clear, easy to use design that showcased rich media to improve the customer experience.

Making the most of the Matrix CMS

This site was developed within the Squiz Matrix CMS and is fully responsive to allow for access on smartphones, tablets and desktop displays. Utilising the best of Matrix, we set up a modular framework to allow for the content to be presented in the appropriate formats to ensure a frictionless user experience.

The site provides the organisation with a comprehensive channel for regular report content delivery with a user centred information architecture.

Modular and flexible design system

The modular approach to design and development ensured each subsequent iteration added new features to the site which enhanced the experience across a range of different areas as the design system evolved.

The iterative approach allowed for the design system to evolve with the content strategy and site features to ensure a streamlined, meaningful experience.

Standing the test of time

Several years on and the VEWH site is still going strong and providing detailed information on Victoria's water holdings.

The Ladoo team continues to support the site and especially extend the VEWH team during peak periods associated with the seasonal watering plans.


  • Discovery and Ideation
  • UX Prototyping
  • Visual Design
  • Responsive Development
  • Squiz Matrix Integration