WaterNSW, a government corporation in New South Wales, partnered with Ladoo to design and develop a new website as part of an updated communications strategy.

Serving a diverse range of water users

The services provided by WaterNSW have a significant impact on a diverse range of users, as they play a crucial role in managing the state's river systems, dams, and bulk water supply.

In order to effectively communicate with a range of users, the website serves as a vital communication channel, which required an update to its information architecture, design and overall user experience.

The initial discovery phase identified the importance of information associated with the 29 dams for a broad audience as well as customer service needs for more specific users. It was also clear that the site usage generally spiked quite dramatically during weather events - especially those leading to dam spillages.

The re-vamped information architecture and navigation provided for these different needs and situations to be clearly represented.

All you need to know about NSW dams

The dams content was re-structured and re-designed to simplify the experience for this broad and transient groups of users. Each dam has a single page containing valuable information for local water users and tourists who make use of the dams for a wide variety of activities.

Data integration

Another valuable feature of the site is the water data information, which provides up-to-date dam storage levels, associated rainfall data, and high-level usage data.

This data is sourced directly from WaterNSW back-end systems and integrated into the website via Matrix, ensuring that users have access to the most accurate and up-to-date water information.

New customer service on-ramp

The customer service function of the site was re-structured with a focus on common user tasks as well as providing clear sub-sections of content around common themes.

This new area provides support materials and clear access to associated portals and systems.

Modular design

The site design featured a module approach allowing for a range of different content patterns to best suit the varying content. This approach provides the WaterNSW team with ongoing flexibility as content providers can arrange modules directly in Matrix to best suit user and content need

The new website, developed by WaterNSW in partnership with Ladoo, represents a significant step forward in providing a streamlined, user-friendly experience for the water users of New South Wales.