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We specialise in building web solutions that use the powerful, flexible and open source Squiz Matrix content management system (CMS). In the hands of Ladoo’s team of experts, the sky's the limit. We really know how to bring out the best in Squiz Matrix and we can implement a whole project end to end - from scoping to support - or take on specialised components including development, hosting, migration, health checks or content.

Client services

From the very start, it's all about you.

You probably think we're just saying that because you read it on websites all the time. But the truth is, you'll be pleasantly surprised, even before we start working together.

The team at Ladoo really knows how to bring out the best in Squiz Matrix and we can implement a whole project end to end - from scoping to support - or take on specialised components including development, migration, health checks or content. In the hands of our team of experts, the sky's the limit. Our commitment to transparency in combination with our tried and tested development methodology are only part of the picture. You'll love working with our team - we're as committed to the success of your project as you are!

Get the job done together

We strive to develop long-lasting relationships, understanding your goals, and how your organisation works. You have access to LadooHQ as long as you're working with us. With a simple, secure login, you have access to real-time information about your project deliverables and tasks, support pack hours and reports.

Powerful digital campaigns

LadooSend offers a comprehensive set of features and functionality to ensure the success of your digital marketing campaigns. Deliver beautiful emails, manage your subscribers, track your campaign results and send SMS all from within your browser. With subscriber data stored safely in Australia, LadooSend is a great choice for your eNewsletters.

Ongoing support packs

Ladoo's support packs give you peace of mind for your ongoing website operation. Packs represent discounted pre-paid hours of professional support time, but at Ladoo we like to do things a little differently …so depending on the complexity of the work that needs doing, we will bill to your support pack at different rates for specialist or content hours.

Strategy and analysis

This is where it starts to come together.

How will we ensure your website meets your business requirements? Can Squiz Matrix natively supply all the functionality required for your build?

During the analysis phase, we'll work with you to develop information architecture, undertake prototyping, create functional specifications and understand your requirements for search engine marketing (SEM) and campaign management. Our business and technical analysts have specialist tools, skills and experience in finding the answers. We know the right questions to ask and the right way to ask them.

If there's more than one way to meet your requirements, we'll provide options and work with you to help you choose the right solution to achieve your business goals.

This analysis phase of your project will provide a build specification with details (and options) for your website build. Along with the design, these are the building blocks of your web project.

Illustration of system and process flow-charting
  • System and process flow-charting
  • User interaction mapping
  • Workflow processes and escalation streams
Illustration of card sorting
  • Card sorting
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Information architecture analysis and workshops
Illustration of options focus specification
  • Option focused specifications covering immediate and future requirements
Illustration of detailed wireframes and prototyping
  • Detailed wireframes
  • Prototyping

User experience and design

Usability and utility are at the centre of your website's success.

User experience is key to a successful website - and our experts understand the best way to reach your site's visitors.

The Ladoo design team have experience in visual and interaction design, including the development of wireframes and graphic design that aligns with your brand. With decades of experience in creating optimised, effective websites, the Ladoo team are also experts at turning design templates into web pages. We optimise graphics and build HTML and CSS based on the site's design and branding guidelines - and all with the user in mind.

With more and more users accessing the internet from mobile devices, you'll be pleased to know that the Ladoo team love building mobile and responsive websites. With technical smarts that allow you to incorporate interaction via inbuilt features as well as links and integration with social media, we'll design a website that's simply irresistible.

Web development

No smoke, no mirrors. The web for everyone.

Our approach to web development is agile, without sacrificing rigour. We are guided by tried and true project management principles, best practice and standards.

For large or small web projects, we create sites and applications that are accessible, optimised and compliant. Using an agile approach to web development, we're able to be flexible and responsive while completing web development tasks. We still work to a plan, and of course we employ the rigour of proper project management to all our projects, but with an agile approach the focus is on:

  • communication
  • feedback
  • quick delivery and implementation of changes

And if your web project requires integration with other systems, we'll do that as well.

Teamed with our commitment to transparency, and with the help of our collaboration tool LadooHQ, the agile way of building websites provides a great experience for your team, and ultimately your website's visitors.

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