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Elasticsearch is a distributed search and analytics engine. It’s flexible, fast, customisable and provides a versatile platform that helps us solve complex data and storage problems.

Ladoo uses Elasticsearch to solve some of our client’s most difficult search and data problems and we carefully match the technology to their needs.

Case study: Uniting Care

Elasticsearch is generally used to power web search in websites as it has an easy to use API and is very fast. Ladoo worked with Uniting Care to configure a custom service that worked with complementary systems (a web crawler). This enabled advanced data storage, delivered fast.

Uniting Care offers a range of multi location services and it is important that the data is relevant to the user. We created a geo-search that was triggered by the user’s location, ensuring there was a default search radius for each query. This means that users automatically see the closest Uniting Care services within 20 kms of their current location.

We synced the data from SharePoint into Squiz Matrix and Elasticsearch at the same time, ensuring the content is easy to search and presented visually.

Case study: Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP)

DELWP has a large network of over 100 sites and their users needed to be able to search across properties to locate relevant information. We configured Elasticsearch to draw data from across multiple sites within the same family, ensuring it worked with legacy systems. We also ensured that multi-site search integrated seamlessly with the departments intranet and extranet, separating the appropriate data for each channel.

Case study: Australian Sports Commission

The Australian Sports Commission is a national organisation that required an accurate map of facilities that was fast and responded to various search filters. Data needed to be searchable across sports’ type, location, local government areas and postcodes.

We customised Elasticsearch to ensure there was a faceted search overlayed on the map with an easy filter through to the front end. The speed of Elasticsearch sets the tone of the site and the search functionality is seamless.

We enjoy going above and beyond for our clients, which is why we added functionality that means the Australian Sports Commission facilities can be customised through Squiz Matrix and the public are able to update and add their own locations, with approval through a moderation process.