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Behind the scenes of any great user experience you'll find a technology that scales and adapts to your needs as an organisation and the needs of your web visitors and customers.

Whether we're talking about a website or a more interactive engagement platform such as a newsletter or social media, the number one challenge for most organisations today is to keep content and user experience fresh and relevant. We've chosen to work exclusively with Squiz Matrix for websites and LadooSend for email campaigns because they're both so great at empowering your web content team and communications team to effectively manage your message - now and for future upgrades, redesigns and integrations.

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Squiz Matrix

Flexibility and scalability are the hallmarks of this powerful, open source content management system (CMS). Not only does Squiz Matrix give great return on investment, you can rely on it to deliver a website that - developed with Ladoo smarts – integrates seamlessly with your enterprise systems and data. And that's why we love Squiz Matrix.

The team at Ladoo have decades of combined experience in bringing out the best in Matrix (formerly MySource Matrix); we've implemented complex and simple web projects across government, education and the commercial world.

Using standard asset types, in combination with clever integration, and an approach to development that ensures your website is future-proof, we'll build a website that provides a great user experience, and empowers your content team.

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If digital campaigns are your thing, you're going to love knowing that a powerful, sophisticated HTML email and SMS platform is just a click away.

With LadooSend, your team can create and send great looking emails with no specialist design skills required! Manage subscriber lists - including segmentation - with ease, with LadooSend's simple and powerful list management system. And there's the additional confidence of knowing that your subscriber data is hosted securely right here in Australia - protecting the privacy and integrity of user information to the most rigorous standards.

The LadooSend reporting and analytics dashboard lets you view the effectiveness of each campaign, right down to click paths and forwards. Real time results ensure you have the right tools to continually improve the effectiveness of your engagement with customers. LadooSend also comes with options for SMS broadcasts and clever integration with social media - both great ways to increase opens, click throughs and overall engagement.

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