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Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Digital transformation across a dynamic department

Design for the future

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) needed to redesign their existing website to consolidate their content and diverse departmental websites. Their brief was to ensure the new site provided a great user experience and a design that enabled dynamic content, easy content migration, and simple integration of legacy sites.

Working together

The Ladoo User Experience (UX) team ran a series of workshops with departmental stakeholders to determine the priorities for the new design, which included requirement gathering, wireframes and a Global Experience Language (GEL) that would maintain the brand look and feel across the range of department websites.

The design approach was Agile, which meant that Ladoo could continue to conduct user research through stakeholder workshops in regional areas, whilst completing a content audit and wireframe development. This meant that the designs were enhanced over a series of iterations to meet the project deadline. This iteration cycle allowed for core requirements and feedback to be prioritised and quickly validated.

Integrating legacy systems and content

The department wanted to focus on prioritising access to content as a service in a way that ensured legacy websites were consistently branded and would be easy to manage in the future.

The design was initially focussed on consolidating the legacy websites into a family of consistently branded experiences, enabling the DELWP story to be featured more prominently.

This service based architecture ensured content was available in a clear hierarchy regardless of its location. Consistent User Interface elements help to provide the user with consistency and a seamless experience regardless of their journey.

Global Experience Language

Ladoo created a Global Experience Language (GEL), a shared design framework that would support the DELWP team to create consistent and delightful user experiences across their digital services. This included a set of modules for featured content and icons that would ensure brand consistency across the sites.

Design and UX

We understood that the DELWP website needed to be a completely customised solution. When developing the wireframes we tested different navigation and information design approaches to help determine the project team's priorities.