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Victorian Environmental Water Holder

Providing authoritative information about Victoria's councils

Managing Victoria's water

The Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH) is an independent statutory body responsible for holding and managing Victoria's environmental water entitlements.

They work with catchment management authorities and Melbourne Water to ensure environmental water entitlements achieve the best environmental outcome with the water that is available.

Design for dynamic content

The organisation wanted to focus on making their digital presence more engaging through the use of dynamic content, imagery and a consistent look and feel. Our approach ensured a clear, easy to use design that showcased rich media to improve the customer experience.

The design was initially focused on the home page as a portal and provided featured content based on user needs. The initial design framework was created to be flexible and easy to extend for future content.

This service based architecture ensured content was available in a clear hierarchy regardless of its location.

Responsive Squiz Matrix

This site was developed within the Squiz Matrix CMS and is fully responsive to allow for access on smartphones, tablets and desktop displays. Utilising the best of Matrix, we set up three standard templates for the home page, service area landing pages and the basic content template.

Ladoo worked closely with the VEWH to understand their internal processes and the need to optimise uploading data to the website. The website requires authors to update maps of the river systems and previously, uploading data for these maps was challenging and time consuming. Ladoo created modules that mapped data directly from a spreadsheet, allowing it to be uploaded to Matrix and auto-populating the data. This custom technical solution was built to directly address the pain points of the stakeholders.