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Federation University

World class, lightning fast website hosting

Connecting the dots

The Federation University website was performing poorly and was experiencing a lot of down time that made it unreliable. The University contacted Ladoo to help them understand and analyse what was causing these infrastructure performance issues and how they could resolve them.

Due to the nature of the project, there needed to be a fast turn around. The analysis, Proof Of Concept (POC) and implementation activities were carried out within a three to four week period.

Performance boost through hosting

Ladoo’s infrastructure specialists analysed how the current set-up was performing, ensuring they had a full understanding of the University’s needs and expectations. They solved the performance issues by transferring the hosting and managing it on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers. This meant that the hosting was high-performance and reliable. We created a proof of concept detailing our proposed changes and implemented the migration from their existing servers to the AWS servers.

As as result of this project Ladoo has established a lasting relationship with Federation University. We now host and manage all of Federation University's websites and continue to support and work with them to enhance their website performance, including load balancing.