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Film Victoria gets the message out
Ladoo provided Film Victoria an easy-to-use email marketing platform with HTML templates, simple subscription process, social integration and sophisticated template design.
Calculating the benefits of telework
Telework utilized the out-of-the box Squiz Matrix functionality to facilitate complex telework calculators online. With integration with social media, custom reports, public user account management.
Study Melbourne - ten languages in one
Ladoo completed a re-development the existing Study Melbourne website to include a new multi-language desktop and mobile site that would allow prospective students to connect using social media

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We're the largest independent, experienced provider of Squiz Matrix specialist services. From the most complex websites right down to the simplest web form, we know how to bring out the best in Squiz Matrix.

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    We have the perfect solution for your website, no matter the complexity. Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop; intranet or external website. Squiz Matrix websites built by Ladoo are the perfect combination for an efficient, useful and engaging user experience.

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    Connect your website to your enterprise databases, specialist applications and social media networks. Our approach will give you a powerful, integrated website - without slowing your site down or breaking your upgrade path. Speed and functionality? Wow!

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    No more website-as-brochure. Now we have communities & networks. And you want to talk to them, yes? LadooSend is perfect for customisable, brand-ready newsletter campaigns. With a track-everything dashboard. And your mailing list data remains safe and secure in Australia.


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