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Squiz Matrix

Squiz Matrix is a flexible, powerful, content management system (CMS). Squiz Matrix performs best when customised to fit your needs and we have the experience to make your website shine.

We work with clients who are at different stages in their Squiz Matrix journey. Some have just started using Matrix and are still learning what is possible, while others are looking for more personal support and expert advice.

We have decades of combined experience in bringing out the best in Squiz Matrix and love working with a CMS that can integrate seamlessly with enterprise systems and data. We understand that setting up a system like Squiz Matrix can be complicated internally, which is why we take a personal approach to help you create the solution you need.

We’ve worked with hundreds of teams to create beautiful websites, that deliver everything the CMS promises. By cleverly integrating standard asset types, our approach to development ensures your website is future-proof. We're passionate about building great websites that empower your team, content creators and provide a delightful experience for your users.

Simplified web authoring, editing and publishing

Squiz Matrix is a powerful tool in the hands of our designers and developers when they're creating a website for you, but we know that the ongoing management of the website is just as important. If you're implementing distributed authoring with workflow, the Easy Edit Suite makes content authoring a breeze for your subject matter experts, and quality assurance easy for your web editors.

Squiz Matrix gives your website sophisticated functionality and your authors will love Matrix because they can easily log in and update content, using standard WYSIWYG interfaces and simple drag and drop.

Styles (CSS), specialist features (widgets etc.) allow for a more refined user experience. With the right customisation, Squiz Matrix CMS empowers your authors to concentrate on what they do best — getting the content right.

Enterprise CMS features

Squiz Matrix provides the functionality that works for both the simplest and most complex websites. Standard and commonly used functionality includes; forms, event listings and news items.

Squiz Matrix makes it easier to engage with visitors to your website. Functionality to contact, share, follow, like, vote or comment can be added to your website as a part of a standard implementation.

Empower your organisation

In a climate of tight budgets and ever-evolving requirements, it's important for your website to be flexible and scalable. Flexibility allows your website's functionality to meet your organisation's business requirements (and every organisation is different), while focusing on scalability will allow your website to grow with you.

A scalable website — built using Squiz Matrix — allows you to add and remove content, giving you the flexibility to change your site's information architecture or design more effectively.

As your organisation changes (and change is inevitable) you'll need to know that your website can grow with you. Squiz Matrix will support the evolution of your digital presence giving you the benefit of a versatile website.

Integration — connect to your apps and services

Squiz Matrix supports the core of your web project. Using standard technologies such as, application programming interfaces (APIs). Matrix integrates elegantly with social media, data repositories, legacy systems, and existing customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

Squiz Matrix integration options

  • Data sources (SQL, XML, RSSW, iCAL, CSV)
  • Bridges (LDAP, File system, CMIS)
  • Payment gateways (PayPal)
  • APIs (SOAP, REST, JavaScript and JSON)
  • Authentication (Active Directory, LDAP, OAuth, SAML, Kerberos)
  • Remote content